Give: [giv] (v)  -to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow. 

Gifts are meant to be given. We firmly believe that giving is the main way to make a change/difference in any situation. One of our passions is giving and creating avenues for others to share their gifts. These are some of the "givebacks" we have spear-headed in order to create change.   

Make sure to be on the lookout for opportunities to participate in our future givebacks! 

T a n k P r o o f

As musicians and creatives, "TANKPROOF" is our first giveback aiming to aid the community around us. We all know the stereotype: African-Americans don't know how/can't swim. Truth is, in this stereotype, there's a bit of truth. The harsh reality is 70% of African-American children don't know how to swim. In response to this eye-opening statistic, we sought out to help make a change and promote progress in this area. Launching Year One, our initial goal was to raise enough money for 10 children, but with the support of the Baton Rouge community as well as local media outlets, we were able to raise enough money to give the gift of swimming to 70 children. Year Two, we were able to serve 120+ kids and young adults over two sessions and in rounding out Year Three this past July 2014, that number grew to 225. We envision TANKPROOF to continue growing larger each year and we can't help but thank everyone who's been apart of the movement thus far.

l o v e N Y C

The purpose of "loveNYC" was directed toward relieving the damage and destruction in New York City caused by superstorm Sandy. For this endeavor we teamed up with (and directed funds toward) Christ Tabernacle and Hillsong NYC, two New York City based ministries who are fully committed to seeing the lives of people in their beloved city mended and bettered. To raise funds for this giveback we accepted donations and well as selling #loveNYC sweatshirts and tees. In conjunction with this giveback we also released our debut single, "Glow in the Dark" in which 100% of the proceeds from the single went to this giveback.