Versatility: Choosing Wisely Will STREEEEETCH What You've Got

For those of us who can’t (yet) wear an outfit once, and then banish it to the far reaches of closet space, versatility in your wardrobe is a must-have and a necessity. Now, I can sit here and recommend you have one suit, a black pair of shoes, and ten other items, but I would much rather give you a couple pointers to help you make the best choices. ANY suit will not do! It needs to fit right. Not just ANY shoes are what’s up. As long as the fronts of your shoes are not clunky and squared (pilgrim-esque) or super pointy (elf-like), then you’re good. Remember, “Shoes > sneakers”…always and forever. When it comes to outerwear, shirts, and even pants, dark colors and neutrals will take you far, and in this field, quality beats out quantity yet again. 
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