If you’re looking at this post, thank you! We appreciate you greatly!


Issue #2: Our hiatus from the public music scene. 

                                                             The Address:

In light of the recent events that have affected New York City and it’s surrounding areas, we are OFFICIALLY launching the #loveNYC giveback! In this give back YOU will have the opportunity to change the lives of people who were affected by superstorm Sandy. We’re going to raise $10,000 thru the sale of #loveNYC tees, sweatshirts, and donations, with a “hunned” percent (100%) of these proceeds going towards the cause.

To address the second issue; we’ve been working on our original project, thus we have not played any public gigs in months. Well, the wait is over and our first single is HERE (and here’s the best part)…100% of the proceeds from the song will go towards the #loveNYC giveback! You can also download the song for free. We will notify when the song is ready for purchase on iTunes…red tape processing.

To celebrate these two joyous occasions, we decided to have an event on SAT DEC 22 from 6-9pm at the brand new, ultra-hip coffee and gelato bar, Latte e Miele (7809 Jefferson Hwy Baton Rouge). We will also be doing a LIVE recording of our single “Glow in the Dark”! You WANT to be in attendance. 

This as an opportunity to give back, a chance to help those who need it most…and we can’t do it without you. We are servants, we are vessels, and we are here to love. 

Join us in this giveback, and “#loveNYC” thru your purchase of an AskTheThomasBros sweatshirt, tee, song, or a donation. Thank you.