Shoes or Sneakers?? Quite a Conundrum.

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately…so I finally decided to address the issue. Question: Which is better? Sneakers or Shoes? Answer: NEITHER! They both serve their respective purposes. Personally, I can relate to the internal struggle of having to choose whether to buy some new sneakers or a pair of shoes. If you haven’t caught on yet, I group sneakers and shoes in two different categories. I liken them to Alligators and Crocodiles..very similar at first glance, but different in many ways. For casual events, sneakers and shoes (like wing tips, loafers or desert boots) are completely acceptable, while at more formal events you might want to sport the shoes. I think you see the stats here, the right pair of shoes can be acceptable in both casual AND more formal events. I have gotten a lot of comments recently on my ability to wear wing tips and shorts at the same time. Am I the only man capable of pulling this off…NO! From experience, I’m finding that the ladies favor a man wearing a nice pair of shoes as opposed to one with sneakers. Why? The reason: You see sneakers EVERYWHERE! To shake things up from the predictable status quo and countless stereo types, buy you a nice pair of shoes. Don’t know where to start? I started by buying a pair of desert boots. They are super versatile during casual situations and you can dress them up to go to a dinner as well. From there, strap on a pair of loafers. The good thing about shoes is that they tend to have a longer trend shelf life to them, so if you buy them now, odds are they’ll still be good in years to come. Sneaker trends on the other hand may change at the blink of an eye. I recall when Air Force 1’s were hot, then SB Dunks, Jordan’s have always kinda been there too. If I were to go with some really versatile sneakers, I’d go with some Chuck’s by Converse or my personal favorites, PF flyers (Center Lo or Cousy). All in all, both sneakers and shoes have their uses and can be a great asset to the creative and resourceful. 

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