Classic > Fad

In this blog I’d like to address an issue that I feel is very important and that all guys should examine. Classic vs Fad has always been an interesting subject to tackle. Classics are classics for a reason, they stand the test of time. No, they aren’t just the clothes worn by affluent white people, but the classic image is everlasting. My advice for guys is to just “indulge” and not to highly “invest” into fads. My case in point, as of recently the “snap back” hats have become super popular. A couple years ago, wearing a trucker hat would have been kinda low-key lame on the slick. Now, you see snap backs EVERYWHERE! My question is this, what happened to the guys that bought hundreds of fitted caps? {pause and think for a sec…}smh. Fads are like light switches that can turn off at any moment. My motto is to keep it clean, simple, and classic…and remember, it’s ALL about the fit! As always, if you have any questions, just “Ask the Thomas Bros

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