Studio Fun

Had a great time last night in the studio with our big bro DM. Collectively we've decided to create more music together, so here we are doing what we do. On the agenda was to work on one of his new songs titled, "Get A Chance". At this point, the direction of this particular track is kind of up in the air, so that allowed us plenty of room to be open and experiment. Montrell already had pretty much all of the vocals laid down and we contributed by adding a background vocal part, Wurlitzer keys, and some layered guitar parts.

Accompanying the the thrill of in-studio creation, we were also excited to try the TC Electronic Ditto for the very first time. The guitar parts Thurman laced into this track were actually composed using the Ditto! It's simplicity and ease of use makes it a great tool to help get those juices flowing. Peep the audio below to hear some of what we came up with.