Hanging With Alice

Yesterday evening, we linked up with NYC-based lifestyle and food photographer Alice Gao at Booty's Street Food in Bywater, New Orleans. She was commissioned by Lincoln Motor Co. to travel through the south, taking photos, and telling the narrative of her journey along the way in a brand new Lincoln MKC. Being both sweet-spirited and amazingly talented, we had a great time connecting with her during her brief stay in the Crescent City.

Tell us about your most favorite shoot to date.

I can't say much because it hasn't been released yet, but there were explosions, like accidental explosions, but we just rolled with it. It was safe and no one got hurt, just some unplanned glass breaking and explosions.

Where was that at?

At my friend's studio. He has a small studio that we were shooting in. It's gonna be In the next Kinfolk Magazine.

Whaaat?! That is awesome! That's a nice placement right there.

I know! I've been shooting with them since Issue Two. They were one of my first ones and I think they helped me a lot to get my name out there. When I shot for them, that was my first few months of having just quit my job; I didn't know what I was doing. Thankfully it worked out!

I love that. Their aesthetic is legendary now.

Yeah, it's everywhere now. At first it was like, 'I'm shooting for this small magazine called Kinfolk' and now, it's everywhere!

The look of the pictures in that magazine…I don't know how to describe it. It's just that 'Kinfolk look'. So of course you edited them as well, right?

Yeah, I don't do too much post processing. I keep it very naturally looking. I like punchy images, so I definitely always do contrast, and even with that, I don't do too much.

Did you know about them [Kinfolk] when they called you?

Yeah, I had seen the first issue and was hoping to reach out to them, but they reached out to me, so that was pretty cool.

What's your favorite part about Louisiana so far?

I don't know, that part we came in through, Mandeville—

—The Northshore?

Yeah, there were beautiful trees and benches!

Lincoln MKC