Tuesday AM w/ Street Etiquette


From our experience, the coolest things usually come when you're least expecting them or not looking for them at all. A few weeks ago on a random Wednesday morning, we were headed from where we live in Prairieville to Baton Rouge for a couple meetings, when our good friend and business mentor, Dustin, hit us up. He asked what we had up for the day, we told him, then he asked us if we had heard of "Street Etiquette". No lie, we had just discovered them maybe a week before when another friend of ours recommended us to check out their stuff. We said yeah we had heard of them, then Dustin asks, "Do you wanna meet em?" We consulted each other for a second and then replied, "Sure." After canceling our prior engagements for the day, we waited outside our local Starbucks parking lot for Dustin and Luke, a mutual friend, to arrive. Once they met us there, we piled into our Accord and headed eastbound to New Orleans, where the city's uptown would be our rally point with the SE guys. We had no idea what was going on or what to expect, so we were just kind of going with the flow while Luke communicated with them to locate exactly where they were. After parking, we set out on foot to rendezvous with them at a record store on Magazine St. As we were right upon the shop, we see two large economy vans and not one, but two RED video cameras. Our first thought was man, they've really got something serious going on over here. Seeing the SE guys pop out of the record store, go back inside, and then mimic the same actions again, using skills acquired from a public school education, we deduced they were the stars of this production. We hung tight for a couple minutes meeting the crew and then the Street Etiquette guys, Josh and Travis, walked out of the record store. Hospitality is one thing that is innate in many southern-raised people like ourselves, so we naturally greeted them warmly, exchanged introductions, and welcome them to New Orleans. Chopping it up in conversation for a few minutes, it was easy to pick that these guys were some cool, laid back dudes. Suddenly the director approaches us from a few feet away to interject himself into the conversation with a request for us and Luke. "Hey do y'all want to be in the shoot?" he said. Not giving it too much thought, we all agreed and were immediately handed some papers to fill out and sign. A few minutes later, we were asked to do the exact same thing we had done earlier, but on camera. As Josh and Travis strolled out of the record store once again, we all caught a good laugh trying to be as organic as the real thing was earlier, giving the customary "soul handshake", saying random things to keep our mouths moving, and walking down the street, while the cameras tailed us. After doing this a few times, we took some stills and were done. We exchanged contact info with the SE fellas and the production team because they had plans to feature us again in a shoot they had planned for later that night. Being still in the dark at this point as to what exactly this shoot was for, we gave a tentative agreement to attend later on, but promised to invite friends, mainly attractive girls who we thought would fit the aesthetic, to be apart of the vid shoot as well. Our group parted ways with their's and we walked back up Magazine street to get some lunch at Rum House. The ride back to our local Starbucks in Gonzales, LA was filled with interesting conversation about the adventurous and accomplished day we had all shared. All of the day's happenings weren't over yet though because that night would surely bear more dopeness… //