NOLA 05/20/14

Spent the day in New Orleans with this thang to the right! I always find it refreshing to make the fifty sum-odd minute drive to the Crescent City because it has such a different vibe than Baton Rouge, where we spend most of our time. I can't visit the downtown area without stopping to holla at Jason Pham, a friend of ours who owns a budding mens boutique, Aristicracy NOLA. My time in-store always consists of catching up, some talk about what's hot, and me leaving with some dope streetwear to add to what I've already got. Today I copped a pair of handmade sunglasses by this cool company named "Raen Optics" and a pair of Naked & Famous "Super-Skinny Guy" jeans in their deep indigo wash. With these buys both being out of necessity, I was patting myself on the back as I walked out of our 45 minute retail therapy/hangout session. After Aristocracy, we wanted to peep Exodus Goods, a hipster/boho-chic ladies' boutique, co-owned by the lovely Solange. After three (not kidding) failed attempts to see what's inside, we gave up on that one. Apparently whoever was working put up a "be back in 15 min" sign and didn't come back over the span of an hour and some change. On to the next for us meant taking a joy ride thru the Bywater area to simply soak up the vibes and let our eyes wander. After that, we crossed the bridge to Algiers, where snoballs were 'the wave'. I don't usually like to order specific flavors, which may seem kinda weird, but I prefer to request colors instead. So my order went something like, "Aye bruh, can I get red, blue, and yellow? I ain't particular about the flavor." The guy made it how I wanted and I was good. The rest of our evening consisted of big chillin which is always alright and needed.