Early last week, we were presented the opportunity to host the second installment of "LIVEINTHESKY 225", which happened Sunday, May 18th in downtown Baton Rouge. LIVEINTHESKY is a local social event curated by artists for artists, and those who admire the arts. Live music, displays of paintings, and beautiful people are all staples at this monthly event. On this particular occasion, speaking in terms of the temperature, to say that Sunday was a scorcher may be an understatement. Sweating through our suits when playing a show is one thing, but neither of us were prepared to do so while carrying out our hosting duties of announcements and being cordial (lol). Once the heat started to dissipate around 6:30pm, the golden time of day joined in a sweet union with a frequent breeze coming off of the mighty Mississippi River, which made the event feel absolutely lovely. The musical entertainment for the evening was provided by two New Orleans based acts; one being @neyahsohle_music and the other, @t_raytheviolinist, who in our opinion, stole the show. The visual artists whose works were being showcased were @melontao, @saymikey, @starkobsession, @beckyfos, @artbybryanbrown, & @gurrero_gold. We can't forget to mention @djautomatik who set the tone for the evening thru his excellent DJ-ing and Ms. @letdatgircook aka "the pan whipper extraordinaire", aka "the propane princess", who had our taste buds singing with her imaginative and delightful selection of eats. Overall the event was a win and we want to send a shoutout and a big "Thank You" to Society's Secret for selecting is to host. // (All photos c/o Mosaic by Michelle Gerard)