New Home, New Stuff

A house ain't a home until you've got some cool stuff in it! A few weeks ago, we closed on a cozy place in Prairieville, LA. It's a four year old house with four bedrooms & two bathrooms. The layout is really open, and the rooms are all generously sized. When we bought it, there weren't any necessary renovations that needed to be done, but we chose to invest a bit and really make something to run to, not run from. Originally, the walls were a basic beige and the floors were carpet in the living room and bedrooms. In the bathrooms and kitchen there was ceramic tile. The first thing we wanted to do was paint the walls.

We chose Sherwin Williams' Emerald interior paint in "true white". Pay the extra money for this amazing paint! It'll save you time in application and will hold up nicely thru the years. The next thing we did was rip up the carpet and look for some flooring that matched our desired aesthetic and price point. Searching all local warehouses and stores we couldn't find anything that fit both of these criteria, then our mom made some phone calls. She found out there were "pallets on pallets on pallets" of high quality laminate at the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store in Brewton, AL. Brewron is about 30 minutes from our mom's hometown of Atmore, AL, which is also where our grandparents reside. We came to the decision pretty quickly to rent an economy van and ride out there after they told us the brand and finishes of laminate they had in-stock. A German brand, Krono, is the manufacturer and the "color" we went with is called "wild apple". The floors are light in color with interesting hues of swirling grays in them. They're different and they looked great when we saw them in-person, so we loaded them up and took them back to Louisiana!

After getting them laid, we planned to take the same economy van and make the trek to Houston to buy some living room furniture from the IKEA there. Days before were slated to make the run to Texas, we went to New Orleans to peruse stores for other home stuff. We walked into Hurwitz Mintz off a hunch that we may find something worth while and we ended leaving having purchased a sofa and a chaise of serious quality, beauty, and savings. The coffee table you see here we got from It didn't take awfully long to assemble and it just fits the room perfectly. The lamp we picked up from Lowe's and the rug is a Brazilian cowhide that we got from Tandy Leather. We'll be keeping you updated on all the interior transformations that our new home is undergoing, so check back soon for more!