Jogger Review

Ok…we know what you're thinking…nylon pants?! We were very curious too, so we decided to see for ourselves. These "$$ Windpant Joggers" are one piece of the super-cool mini collection labeled, the "Wind Pack Capsule" by TheDopeGame. (@thedopegame). First and foremost, we love "Dope."! Every season they manage to supply the right "work" for us (the consumers…maybe addicts) to get our fix. Now back to these "$$ Windpant Joggers"! Nylon's characteristics of being light and impermeable makes these pants wear comfortably year round, and we love their wstreamlined cut. The colorway of black with teal to accentuate is the perfect balance of subtlety and standout. The grade of nylon used to manufacture these wind pants are a lot more stylish than the ones your old gym coach used to wear, plus these are surprisingly a lot quieter. No worries with fearing the whole room will hear the friction of your pant legs rubbing together as you stroll along. We hereby deem these pant : "ATTB APPROVED"!

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