Mini-Casestudy: DJ Kelly Green

Early Saturday morning and into the rest of the day, we were inspired to create some pieces for DJ Kelly Green, a female DJ based in Baton Rouge, LA. She's just recently released her debut mixtape and it's definitely worth a listen! Doing these were fun and we are glad that both her and her management like them. 

None of these pieces were commissioned or solicited for, and Thurman did all of these on his iPhone 5. We did these pieces for a few reasons: 

  • INSPIRATION: For us, we believe that our creative process isn't bound to one medium, but spans across all of our areas of expression. Whether it's writing a song, being struck with a logo, or even a floor plan, when the inspiration is there, we make it a point to strike while the iron's hot and squeeze it for all it's worth. The first idea just came up, so we ran with it. On a side-note, not all good ideas that come to you belong to you, and we're firm believers in the more you give, the more you'll get. Liking of all these designs, we think it's even more awesome that we can share it and have it appreciated by someone else. 
  • ADMIRATION: We admire Kelly's 'wave'.
  • CULTURE: Most of the album/EP/mixtape artwork for artists in the hip-hop scene, especially in Baton Rouge, look quite similar (…at least to us they do). For her, this isn't really the case, but nevertheless, we decided to use the release of Kelly's mixtape as an opportunity to impress some of our design tastes upon a fellow local artist.