If you can’t run the curb, you can only be a sprint man.
— Joe Guillory

we first met Mr. Joe at the Starbucks off of Corporate Blvd in Baton Rouge about a year ago, and every run-in we've had with him since has been there. he's a lively, older and retired gentleman who is an African-American history and social equality enthusiast. every encounter with Mr. Joe leaves us with a new book on our list of "must reads" and a greater knowledge and understanding of our people's past and present. he comes from an era where civil injustice was common place and if a person of color wanted to do anything or be anyone of significance, he would have to fight tooth-and-nail for every inch he gained. from some of the stories that he's told us about his past, we're inclined to believe that he was a bit of a radical...but in a good way. in our last run-in, he brought us back to 1964 where, together, he and Che Guevara stewed some chickens in a Harlem apartment. he also added, "We had to keep live chickens in the hallway because everyone was scared of getting poisoned." one thing we really enjoy about our random meetings with Mr. Joe is his willingness to share his knowledge and experiences and his desire to "put us on game" concerning certain things. Joe Guillory is a legend in our book and we're looking forward to our next powwow with him.