Hey...We Designed Our 1st Store!

about three months ago we got approached by our good friend Jason Laird to help design and style the merchandise store for "Devoted" 2013, a youth conference held at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. interior design and conceptual arranging are a couple things that have never crossed either of our minds, so we both were a bit hesitant before chomping down on this befalling. one of my main thoughts was, "Yeah, this will be cool because we'll get to expand our creative palate." my other main thought was saying, "If this store doesn't come out excellent, our brand will be attached to it." after talking it over amongst ourselves and seeking a trusted outside opinion, we decided to join the team, playing the role of creative vision for making this store happen. over the next couple months, we had meetings with Jason, Ty Hester, & Riquel Archer throwing around some ideas, seeking different influences, and dreaming on a chalkboard about what we thought would be awesome for the store. a primary concern with designing the store was to make sure it was done in a way that encouraged smooth and steady traffic flow. this was accomplished by deciding to make the store's first eye-catcher the centerpiece coupled with a chandelier overhead. once a person looks straight and up, their eyes would then be pulled to the back wall by a bulb-lit, cut out sign. the beauty in all of this is that store patrons are unknowingly corralled to move counter-clockwise because once their eyes leave the lit sign, they're already moving right towards where all the merch is featured. from there, store patrons can conveniently move to a cash only checkout by the entrance/exit or be checkedout anywhere in the store by floating registers (individuals with iPads & card readers). the entire store came together fabulously and the very best was made out of everything the team had at it's disposal. we're proud to say that we helped something so dope as this come into reality. special thanks to Jason for giving us this opportunity and the creative freedom to do what we do, and another special thanks to Ty for being on top of everything, staying organized, and making this whole thing easy on us.