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we wanted to give you an inside look at some of the amazing keyboards we've been using while in production of our upcoming EP, "re-Present". not sure if we'll ever claim to be "keyboard maestros" or anything, but so far I would estimate that we've recorded about 90% of the keyboard parts that you'll hear on "re-Present". the other 10% was laid down by our good homie and bandmate, Orrin Newman. using the keyboards below, we've been able to create and blend sounds like pads that are thick as early morning fog, to synth voicing that are just plain nasty. knowing that it's less about the equipment you have at your disposal, and more about using that equipment effectively and being unafraid to experiment with it, has led us to creating something that we believe is really special.


1. M-Audio Venom: This thing right here can be heard on a handful of Britney Spears' newer records and once you mess around with it for a while you'll see why. We've used this board to lay down synths, pads, and even drums for "re-Present" and we just love how versatile it is for a virtual analog synth. 

2. Nord Stage EX:  A good friend of ours, Elton Veals, has been gracious to us twice over the past few months to let us hold on to this baby for extended periods. We utilized this world-class board to track layered piano, and organ sounds.

3. Moog Little Phatty I:  Got this analog beast for a great deal over a year ago and we've been employing it in our live shows and recordings ever since. Nothing (I repeat) nothing compares to the fatness and warmness of an analog synth. In recording this EP, we've used the Little Phatty as a bass synthesizer and a producer of interesting, ear-pricking sounds. 

4. Roland Juno G:  This was the first real keyboard we ever bought and we still find some use for it from time to time. On "re-Present" we used it for a couple synth parts and took advantage of a few of the drum kits for some percussion layering. 

5. Korg Triton:  Without this board, our single, "Glow in the Dark", most probably would have never been made. An arpeggio pattern I discovered in this board sparked the creation of that song and this 14 year old keyboard takes credit for about 1/3 of the synth parts on "Glow in the Dark". We had it in our possession for a couple weeks, but eventually had to return it to it's home at The Hope of Glory Church in Gretna, LA.