Thought-Provoking Convo

This is a text conversation Thurman and a good friend of ours had a few days ago about music, life and the definition of "success".

 FRIEND:  I just read that Drake article. 

THURMAN:  What you think?

FRIEND:  Popularity and money does not equal success. How much of the world is changing for the better is the question.

THURMAN:  Success vs. Good Success

FRIEND:  Right

THURMAN:  If you got the millions in the bank, you can't really say someone isn't "successful", but I will say just because you got a lot of money doesn't mean you actually make a lot of difference. 

FRIEND:  This leads to the definition of success, and being successful at what? Thieves can be successful at stealing...if they get away with it.

THURMAN:  Right, but that success isn't "good".

FRIEND:  So now it kind of leads me to a different thinking. People throw around the word success like it automatically has a positive connotation. Which is why God stressed the word, "Good" in the phrase "good success". (Joshua 1:8)

THURMAN:  God's Truth and definition of things is the ultimate definition, but like you said, He makes a point to the use the adjective "GOOD" before success, so we know what His will for our success is. But what is the definition of "success".

FRIEND:  "success: a favorable or desired outcome". That has nothing to do wit being positive, so I guess these guys are successful. Just not at anything world effective.

THURMAN:  "Favorable" usually has a good connotation though. It's almost like they're saying success is "good" already within itself. Kind of like you don't need the specific adjective in front to better describe success because "success" is already favorable and good.

FRIEND:  Right, but it's not. You can be a "successful rapist"...

THURMAN:  Right! If I'm a successful rapist, I'm "good at being a rapist", but someone who is good at raping people isn't GOOD. I think the person and their values and character has something to do with whether their success is "good".

FRIEND: Right, which is the dilemma with the word "success" and we see people as successful.

THURMAN:  These rappers are successful because they're good in their respective arena.

FRIEND: Yeah, but not to me because they take more than they give.

THURMAN:  Put aside your bias though...can you say that they are "successful"?

FRIEND:  But they don't get a pass. My standards of what success should be is way higher than them. Here's another question, What's the last GQ article that made someone sound less extravagant?

THURMAN:  Right, I feel the same but unbiasedly (in ethics we call it the "veil of ignorance") take yourself out of yourself and judge their situation for what it is. Lol! You're right about GQ articles though lol.

FRIEND:  Right! I like that. "The veil of ignorance" i.e. eating whatever stuff they drop in front of you. Nah bruh, I'm trying to go in the kitchen to see what's really going on !

THURMAN:  Exactly lol! The "veil of ignorance" says, you don't know it's garbage you're eating. We can only hope when you do find out that you'll pass it on hopefully tell someone else about it. 

FRIEND:  This is our battle...

THURMAN:  Right.