(from left to right) 

This is Thurman Thomas, Jr! Not only did we get our good looks from him, but we also inherited his excellent taste in music and his young at heart spirit. He had us on jazz and classical music when were very young and we both still remember those rides in his Audi with the music "just-a-playing". I'm not sure if he had any idea that his sons would be artists, but we are certainly thankful for the foundation he laid for us. The older we get, the closer we become, & the more we realize how cool our Dad is! Even though he couldn't always be there physically, he was always with us in spirit, and we know we were always on his mind and in his heart. Dad we love you so much and without you, we literally wouldn't be here. May you continue to be blessed and we'll be up to VA to see you soon!

This is our spiritual father, Apostle Leroy Thompson Sr. If we could be like anyone "when we grow up", it would be him. He's a living testament that faith in God & His Word can frame and transform your life for His glory. Everything we've learned about being a man has either come out of his mouth or been displayed by his example. He possesses his own unique brand of love that is both carefully encouraging and fervently bold. He regularly pours himself out with his only demand being that we be righteous and successful because we are his legacy. Dad we love you and we're grateful for you, everything you've done, and everything you're doing. Happy Father's Day!

This is Anthony King, who we affectionately call "Mr. Tony". We first met our step father at the age of 11, tagging along on a date with our mother at the Pizza Hut in Gonzales, LA. We are so thankful for his presence in our lives, and we have learned many valuable lessons from him. One of the most important lessons, is hard work. Our step father is a product of what you can do and where you can go if you put in the work. Starting as a base level worker, he worked his way up to become a top level supervisor at Schlumberger Oil Co. We appreciate the sacrifice and challenge that you took on when you decided to help raise two pre-teenage young men. We didn't always make it the easiest for you, but we're beyond grateful for the impact you have on us. We love you and Happy Father's Day!