Three Feelings

Sooo the website is pretty much done! It's hard to put into words those feelings you have when something that's been in your head & heart for so long, finally makes itself visible for everyone to see. For us, three feelings follow when awesomeness like this happens.

The first feeling is "hype-ness". Seeing one thing pop off is fuel for us to get something else done.

The second feeling is "gratefulness". We're über thankful to God, simply for Him being who He is, and also for the amazing, talented, ambitious people that He's surrounded us with to help us, for us to help them, and for all of us to ultimately get done what He wants to get done. 

The third feeling is "humility". Reaching a milestone like this reminds us that there's no ultimate destination on this journey. We appreciate every success and see every experience as a set-up for what's to come. 

The site officially launches on Monday, April 22. G E T  R E A D Y!