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Let’s talk makeup! A lot of guys like to spread rumors, saying they prefer women wear no makeup at all. We’re proud to say we have never been on that bandwagon, and we definitely identify makeup as something to be appreciated. Before we get ahead of ourselves, yes, we believe women are beautiful just the way they are, but we think of makeup as something that adds a touch of creativity and fun. A good foundation, a dash of powder, poppin’ lipstick, and some wispy eye work goes for miles and miles. An everyday beauty look we love and have seen girls sporting can best be described as “fresh-faced with a dash of shimmer and color”. The skin looks flawless and smooth, the cheekbones are accentuated, the eyes are luminous with a subtle gleam, and the lips well-moisturized and colorful. This look is minimalistic, looks great on any girl, and like we said, we love it!




We feel like every girl could stand to have a beanie and a curved bill baseball cap in her arsenal this fall. Along with a wide brim hat, either of these are cool to whip out on those blustery autumn days, adding an instant boyish charm to most any everyday ensemble. We’ve even seen vintage-looking, wool baseball caps dressed up with heels! If you’ve never seen it, you would be surprised how well these polar opposites play off one another.



Tops with a boxier silhouette is a trend we’re starting to see more of and this fall, you’ll see pieces from many of your favorite designers taking this shape. Boxy silhouettes are hip and flatter most body types, so we can’t find a reason not to hop on this one.

All the evidence you need is here, here, and yes . . . here



Ladies, we are all about military inspired looks! One increasingly popular facet of this look is camouflage. Keep in mind, we’re not exactly talking about the camo from your local hunting shop! Here’s a few things about rocking camo that you should know:

• It’s a completely neutral pattern, full of earth tones that are perfect for fall.

• Keeping it slim is the way to go, whether it’s a pair of pants, a vest, etc.

• When done right, it adds a flattering edge that gives you standout appeal (which is the opposite of what "camouflage" is supposed to do, but hey, just go with it).




“A girl in boots > ” Ladies, wear your boots this fall. WHY do babes need to wear their boots? …Because they just look uh-may-zing, no matter if they’re riding boots, booties, or anything in between. And ladies, it’s ok to strut a little bit in your boots…us guys like that [insert wink here]. Please and thank you!