Hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, a town known for it's blue collar work ethic and classic southern charm, we have made it our purpose to garner and hone a synergetic commitment to receive and create. Deciding to pick up our respective instruments at the age of 17, we had no premonition of what was to come. With a sound often labeled as "genre-defying" our story began in the shadows and backdrops of the stages, festivals, and arenas in which we have played. No, we weren't artists, but "guitar-slingers" by trade — hired individuals to back solo performing acts. During our stint as backing musicians, opportunities to play high profile gigs like the New Orleans Jazz Fest, SXSW, House of Blues New Orleans, and many others arose. It eventually came to the point where we had two options: to be the echo, or the voice. Choosing to be 'the voice', fast-forwarding to today, and stepping to the forefront, we believe we carry the experience, skill, and je ne se quoi to electrify all those who lend their ears.